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Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Building a Better Programmer, Part 2

To increase the productivity gains promised by the Master-Journeyman-Apprentice (MJA) model, programmers must progress up in the model. In Part 1 of Building a Better Programmer, we detailed the techniques by which programmers can gain the skills resulting in improved productivity. In this post, I will discuss paths to programmers enrichment, likely timeframes for the process, and failure rates. I will again draw from the MJA model for learning OO skills, a key enabler for Agile application developement.

Apprentice to Journeyman

If you can move your Apprentices to Journeymen, you can effectively double your productivity for those complex, business critical systems you maintain and enhance. There are certain enablers that are required for this transition:

  • Willing Apprentices (supported in their efforts by management)
  • Journeymen or Masters from which to learn

I have used a couple of paths to assist the transition of programmers from Apprentices to Journeymen, both in ThoughtWorks and in the industry with good results in both cases. For OO programming, the goal is the same in both cases: Teach the Apprentice to think like an object programmer. That means teaching the Apprentices to break problems down in a different way, to recognize when programmers are structured poorly per OO principles, and build up a repertoire of techniques by which to do this.

Path 1 involves a combination of training and mentoring. Training assists in quickly providing the new vocabulary for the Apprentice, and mentoring provides the continued support for applying the new techniques to the daily problems the programmer addresses. Without mentoring, the value of the training is significantly diminished. Without mentoring, the pressures of delivery will drive the Apprentice to apply the old, familiar techniques to solve the problem. Old habits are reinforced; new techniques are forgotten. And worse, the new techniques become labeled "theoretical" or "academic" or "irrelevant to real problems." Net result: education wasted.

Path 2 forgoes the training, and simply provides the mentoring. The training is gained by working closely with Journeymen and Masters. Pair programming is important in this environment; collocation is absolutely essential. Path 2 takes longer; the Apprentice must pick up the vocabulary in the course of the work. Path 2 is probably more expensive; the productivity gains come later, and the time of Journeymen and Masters is taxed in doing bits of training here and there as the need arises.

There is a Path 3: Pick it up from reading the books. Self-taught Journeymen are rare, but I have met them. They also took a frighteningly long time to make the transition, with a lot of discarded bad code in the wake. I cannot recommend this approach for even the brightest of programmers.

If you can adopt Path 1 (training and mentoring), you should expect most of your programmers (60% or more) to make the transition from Apprentice to Journeyman in about six months. Some will be there quicker; some will take a bit more time. Expect failures; in my experience, about 20% cannot make the transition at all. The individuals who will not make the transition can be identified pretty quickly (a month or less); they can be placed back in the roles they had before and continue to be productive for the organization. The usual cause of the failure to transition is that they lack the conceptual skills to be effective OO programmers. I have seen a few other cases of failures in senior people. In these cases, the senior person realizes that the junior people understand this better than they do, and choose to disengage rather than reveal the lack of a gap. I take these failures personally; I feel I didn't create an environment where they could learn safely.

I developed specific training for this transition over a decade ago. The first class affectionally called it OO Bootcamp. I brought the course with me to ThoughtWorks several years ago, and it still carries that moniker today. I will post more on OO Bootcamp in the near future.

Journeyman to Master

The transition from Journeyman to Master is much more difficult. You should not expect more than 20% of your staff to ever make the transition. Most of your good candidates have deviated from strict application development, and are probably serving as your system and application architects, effectively ceasing their learning as programmers.

But with the whopping productivity boost and the ability to leverage Masters to make more Masters, it is well worth investing in their growth.

Masters must be excellent programmers. Their vocabulary is deep and wide. By and large, they have extensive experience applying their knowledge to real world problems. Similarly, their conceptual skills are excellent. This allows them to manipulate objects in their heads, forming solutions to difficult problems. Finally, domain knowledge is helpful, but not quite essential.

If you describe a business problem to a Master programmer, she will see objects dancing in her head, forming patterns that solve the problem. This comes from developing an inherent sense of object relationships, a suite of problem-to-object-solution maps, and confidence born of solving similar problems before.

Hence, the transition from Journeyman to Master can take a while. In general, expect a couple of years. I have seen a few instances of faster transitions (only six months or so); in all cases, the individuals were extremely bright, conceptual thinkers, and had many years of programming experience under their belts. (They were also colleagues from ThoughtWorks India!)

Managing Programmer Improvement

In the prior post, I listed the techniques to enable programmer skill growth. In order of importance, they are pair programming, collocation, communities, and training. Project managers and senior managers should facilitate these practices as much of this as possible.

There is one other charter I would give a project manager when a focus on skills is important: Bring back better programmers. In other words, measure the project manager on both delivery and skills growth. If the project manager delivers the project but doesn't grow the people, then, well, at the least a permanent productivity boost to the organization has been lost; at worse, gross negligence has occurred, and I don't want to use that project manager again.


koundinya said...

Hi Fred,

Thanks for a great post. I am an admirer of thoughtworkers, i regularly follow the thought blogs.I agree the OO thinking forms the fundamental skill to solving complex problems. Could you please point me to some articles/books on how to improve the concept of thinking in oo ? or in your language "dancing objects in the head". Thanks for a great post once again. I feel i am an journeyman and would like to move to Master.

Fred George said...

The transition to Master is quite difficult. I had a mentor, someone from the original OO team of Ward Cunningham and Kent Beck. The mentor saved me a couple of years of figuring it out for myself. But one big step I did take was from a book: Kent Beck's Smalltalk Best Practice Patterns. If you are not in the Smalltalk space (and few are anymore), I would quickly recommend Martin Fowler's Refactoring. It is almost the Jave version of Kent's book, plus some other great stuff. For Martin's book, read the chapter on Code Smells (Kent co-wrote it). As each smell is discussed, chase down the references to the patterns that fix it. Then park the book in your lap as you code. When you see a smell, chose a refactoring that fixes it, following Martin's recides carefully. When all the refactorings are in your head, I think you will be a big step closer to Master. Enjoy the journey!

otyce said...

Thank you for a great blog, I hope to see more articles from. When I started reading M-J-A articles I thought I was at the J stage but now I realize I am at the Apprentice stage. I am working in an environment were we are only to programmers. And the guy I am working with is still an apprentice though more knoledgeable than I am. In such an environment how do I grow to journeyman. I also came across a blog by Justice Gray where he tags a couple of people on what they are going to do to become better developers in six months, so I bored those ideas and made them my own. Let me know what you think.

Fred George said...

By the way, recognizing you are not a Journeyman is probably the first step to getting there. You now realize you are missing knowledge (not to be confused with experience. The above response to koundinya would be my first recommended step. Next would be find an OO-oriented user group in the area. Ruby groups will tend to be more OO, but no guarantee. Agile groups may be productive, too. My favorite question? Ask the average size of their methods. If you hear "5" or less, you may have found a Journeyman or Master!

phil said...

This is a great series.

Just a question of clarification... Do you mean 5 lines or less?

Fred George said...

Yes, Phil. I mean an answer of 5 lines or less in each method. I have done Java projects with an average of 2.3; my mentor using Smalltalk had an average of 1.2 lines per method on one of his projects. I am looking forward to getting that small in Ruby soon.

Ravi said...

Great blog!

To add to your answer to koundinya, one alternative somewhere between working on your own vs working with a "Master" ( I don't believe in the validity of the AJM model hence the quotes , but that's another discussion ) is to learn from the "Master"'s code. This is what has worked for me.

(1) Find an small source code base from the "Master" of your choice (Junit for Kent, FIT for Ward, etc. Peter Norvig, Paul Graham all have lots of code online). I am ver leery of "masters" who don't have any code I can look at, but that's me.

(2) *Before* looking at their code, write your own code duplicating the functionality.

(3) do a diff between your code and theirs.

(4) Think about the differences in design, coding style etc.

You'll learn quite a bit from this exercise if you have the patience to go through with it

Fred George said...

Ravi, you have described another nice tactic. I did refine my skills by reading Smalltalk source code (in Smalltalk). It was replete with excellent examples of beautiful code. Unfortunately, I can't say the same of the Java code libraries. Kent Beck's and Erich Gamma's JUnit is a very good example, albeit against Java 1.2 (1.5 implementation would be even lovelier).

David said...

Great post! I think I am journeyman but am not able to find a mentor in my company to improve my skills. The best way is like Ravi said to find some great source code to learn how those masters write.

Anyone could recommend some good open code written in C# or ruby?

Fred George said...

Sorry, David, but I don't have any good examples in the open source community for C# and Ruby. But I haven't really looked, either.

I would venture to suggest the unit testing frameworks are probably first rate because I know the authors. For C#, look at NUnit that was written by current and former ThoughtWorks colleagues that I hold in high regard. For Ruby, the RUnit framework that ships with Ruby was done by Nathaniel Talbot, a programmer who was a Master in his teens!

Other good examples from someone else?

Fred George said...

My apologies to Nathaniel: It is Nathaniel Talbott (with 2 t's). Spell it with one 't' and you do get more hits about him! :-)

Ravi said...


For Ruby, Anything by JIm Weirich is worth looking at (imo). I am sure there are many others worth learning from in the Ruby community.You could just ask on the Ruby mailing list and they'll help you out.

Even better, if you spend some time with smalltalk(squeak is a good option) you'll be better OO (including Ruby) programmer. smalltalk, like Lisp, is seriously mindbending.

My 2 cents.

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